Embrace spring in the Pacific Northwest at Maris Farms Baby Animals and Blooms Days, coming up April 24-25, May 1-2 and May 8-9, 2021!

Baby Animals and Blooms Days at Maris Farms features a local Farmer’s Market, cuteness, beauty and adventure.

Lesley interviewing Maris Farms Partner/Founder, Joanne Templeman

Visit the local vendors at the Farmer’s Market brought to you by the local non-profit, Celebrate HARVEST, check out the cutest selection of fuzzy and feathered babies (and adults), dine on some great burgers and sweet treats at the farm’s food locations, and then burn it off when you explore the tulip field and play the many activities located around the farm.

Ropes course at Maris Farms.

Family-friendly activities include: ALL-NEW Low Ropes Course, Conk the Crow and Roller Bowler. Plus Hilltop favorites like Gaga Ball, Bee-line Ziplines (plus a new “tot-line”), Wall Mazes, Human Foos Ball, Cow Train, Trike Track, Tubeslides and Barnyard Ball Zone.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Queens of the Maris Farms tire mountain!

Now, what is this awesome non-profit, Celebrate HARVEST all about?

Celebrate HARVEST’s mission is to preserve the family farm by promoting and financially supporting experiential farming (aka agritainment/agritourism). The “HARVEST” stands for Helping Agriculture Reimagine Via Entertainment, Scholarships and Tourism.

Mishana interviewing Celebrate HARVEST’s President and Founder, Steve Templeman.

Celebrate HARVEST is the vehicle that will help farms and farmers pivot and reimagine farming. Celebrate HARVEST wants to help the present-day, commodity-driven farmer either supplement or fully replace their revenue source by helping fund/build/manage non-traditional farming events and activities for them. Celebrate HARVEST wants to inspire the next generation’s interest in agritainment by raising funds to support continuing education/scholarships for those who may want to pursue agritainment AND to help fund field trips to experiential farms for students/schools that may not be able to afford it.


What fuels Celebrate HARVEST? Every vehicle needs the proper fuel to help that vehicle last longer and run more efficiently. With Celebrate HARVEST, there are three primary sources of fuel: donors, grants and finally, revenue-producing non-traditional farming activities/events/products/services (that Celebrate HARVEST helps promote, fund, build and/or manage). Secondary sources of fuel include: Celebrate HARVEST merchandise, a listing page of experiential farms, selling of tickets to experiential farms, collaborative monthly product-selling opportunities, auctions and more.

Wall climbing at Maris Farms!

Some of the non-traditional farming activities/events that Celebrate HARVEST hopes to help fund include: pop-up movie screens, movie nights, beer/wine gardens, food truck festival events, bee hive displays, wall board mazes, entertainment stages, challenge/rope courses, disc golf courses, zip lines, live pig races, live duck races, fun runs and scavenger hunt events.

Visit Maris Farms for Baby Animals & Blooms Days and learn more about how you can donate to Celebrate HARVEST and help out our nation’s struggling farm communities! #GoDoFarms


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