All Those Small Things, directed by Andrew Hyatt, and starring James Faulkner, Kerry Knuppe, Aaron Dalla Villa, Gloria Laino recently made its debut at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).

Partially filmed in Spokane, Washington, the film really speaks to the viewers. So many of us are searching for a deeper meaning in life, like James Faulkner’s character, Jonathan Robbins. Throughout the film, you will laugh, cry and laugh some more as you find yourself related to each of the characters in some way.

Andrew Hyatt did a fantastic job of writing, directing, and producing his film and James Faulkner nailed his character, a game show host who, upon losing a close friend to death, realizes how out of touch he has become. He feels his life has very little purpose and meaning so he sets out to find it in the Pacific Northwest.

Jonathan meets and befriends entertaining individuals of all ages during his travels. The chemistry between all the characters and Jonathan shines through in the story and on screen. Each character portrays a different type of chemistry that are all equally important to the storyline. A true “second” coming of age film.

One of the biggest lessons we took from this movie was to listen to your heart and it will guide you. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.  It really doesn’t matter how old you are or what nationality you are, everyone has a purpose. Don’t be afraid to relax and let that inner child loose. And finally, be grateful for all those small things because they truly matter and make life enjoyable.

We had the chance to interview James via ZOOM to talk about the movie, his past acting roles and so much more. He even ended up reading most of our questions to us before answering them. Enjoy!

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