Last year, most of us came to realize just how important time is to us. Without commuting, running errands, kids activities and socializing, we found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands, and the realization that time spent with our loved ones was exactly what we were craving more of pre-pandemic.

That’s why Gather’d Market, a new local grocery delivery service, is the hottest new business of 2021, even when the option of running around returns.

(Photo Credit: Russie Denay Photography)

Why? Gather’d Market does the leg work for you, shopping your favorite, high quality products from multiple local stores and retailers in one order and delivering them to your doorstep. The 10 things you love from Trader Joe’s, plus your staples from PCC, and select picks from Whole Foods — delivered with ease, while you enjoy spending time in the way that brings you joy. And we suspect waiting in line, driving and parking are not what brings you joy.

Founder Antoinette Rosenberg noticed she, along with other parents, was going to multiple stores during her grocery trips to get the products on her list, taking time away from her family —  with no great solution out there. She also felt shopping multiple stores detracted from the enjoyment of gathering — with friends, family — over a beautiful meal.

There’s Instacart, but it’s limited and Antoinette felt it compromised the ability for the drivers to set their own schedules and maintain the same joy and family time she desired.

Antoinette Rosenberg and her family (Photo Credit: Russie Denay Photography)

And during a time when grocery delivery skyrocketed and is here to stay, Gather’d Market was born.

Gather’d Market offers the following:

  • Shopping multiple stores in just one order – no need to make separate purchases from each individual store when ordering here
  • High quality, favorite products from other favorite retailers too!  Seattle Made, PCC, Whole Foods, Met Market and Trader Joe’s (that’s right, TJ’s is included!)
  • Recipes curated from expert developers and bloggers for simple, delicious meals that you can also shop by online
  • Doorstep delivery Monday through Friday, to make fair schedules for drivers; order by 8 p.m. for next day delivery for convenient shopping
  • Membership for just $10 a month and unlimited free deliveries for all orders over $25 – there are no hidden fees here

Readers can join the Gather’d Market community today by visiting or following on Instagram for updates.

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