Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most beautiful natural features in the State of Washington.

(Photo Credit: Mishana Egan)

Because Salish Lodge & Spa is nestled practically on top of the falls, it’s one of the premiere destinations I take all of my friends and family to that visit me.

One day about a month ago, I had the idea to take a day off of work for an all-day spa day at Salish Spa, and I asked three of my closest girlfriends if they wanted to join me. With some furious back and forth emailing and texting, our Friday Girl’s Day Out was set. I had also contacted Salish Spa to see if we could film an episode of the Lesley & Mishana Show during our visit and they agreed to let us film.

The four of us ladies are all dealing with different stressors in life and the day off was much needed. One is a mom to four boys, one runs an entire office doing everything from budgeting to HR, one has the responsibility of eight different states in her line of work, and I work full time in addition to running my website and another magazine as the editor-in-chief. And we all try to manage our day-to-day responsibilities while trying to maintain time with our families, friends and significant others – all while dealing the effects COVID has had on the fabric of our society.

Lucky for us, Salish offers many different types of spa services on their menu. From relaxing pools to massage treatments to facials – there is something for everyone.

Upon arriving to our Girls Day Out, we walked over to the falls, just to take it all in. Being there in the morning on a weekday, provided ample parking and less crowds watching the water mist to the sky.

Walking into Salish Lodge & Spa, we were greeted by kind faces, directing us to the fourth floor to begin our day. As of this writing, we are still in COVID-protocol, so Salish requires a temperature check via a face scan at the front lobby.

When the elevators open on the spa floor, we were once again greeted by friendly employees who made us feel comfortable and at home immediately.

We were one of the first to experience the brand new locker room area, which was clean and filled with soft lighting.

We changed into our swimsuits and made our way to the soaking pool area where we were alone and able to film for our show. With two pools (one with a waterfall), floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lush green landscape and a cozy ambience, the four of us were set for the next hour to relax. Staff brought us some delicious and fruity cocktails to try and soon it was bliss, sitting in the pool, the sounds of the waterfall beckoning us and those views. It was heaven.

After our time in the soaking pools ended, it was time to hang out in the relaxing room while we each waited to be called for our services.

As a Crossfitter/gym rat, I ordered a Fitness Massage followed by an Eminence Essential Facial. The fitness massage is designed for physically active clients who need to soothe sore muscles. My upper back muscles were so tight, my masseuse asked if she could try Ashiatsu on me, where she was literally walking on my back. I had always wanted to try that and said yes (and I’m glad I did, she said it was one of her favorites to do on clients). I cannot begin to describe the power behind Ashiatsu -if you are looking for a true deep-tissue massage, this is it. The knots and tightness in my shoulders left my body with each pass and I felt so refreshed and energized when she completed her work.

After another short stint in the relaxation room, I was called in for my Eminence Essential Facial. Eminence Organics hails from Hungary, and the organic treatment addresses a variety a skin concerns. I have past sun damage (thanks to growing up in the California sunshine), past acne scarring (I had to be on Accutane about 20 years ago and it was the only product that worked for me), and now that I am in my 40’s, those undereye crinkles are popping up. My esthetician asked me if I wanted to just relax as she did the facial or if I wanted to hear what she was doing as she performed each treatment. As someone who constantly talks, I asked her to tell me what she was doing and with what products and I definitely learned a lot! When she was done, my face was dewy and glowing and I was happy.

I asked my show co-host, Mishana, to write about her experience as well.

I had chosen the Aromasoul Elements Massage. This began with me getting comfortable on the massage table then smelling which sensory oil blend I preferred. The option I was given were: the exotic Orient, vibrant Mediterranean, life knowledge of India, or mesmerizing world of Arabian desert tribes. I after smelling each one, I decided on exotic Orient. My masseuse, Lydia, asked a few questions in regards to what pressure I preferred and if I had any problem areas. I asked for deep tissue and Lydia did not hesitate. Her amount of pressure was exactly what I asked for. I was at peace for the next 50 minutes. Once complete, Lydia showed me to the relaxing room while I waited for my next treatment, the Organic Glow Dry Exfoliation. 

The Organic Glow Dry Exfoliation consists of dry brushing your entire body with special mitts that exfoliate your body of dead skin cells. They work on sections of your body, one at a time, rubbing your skin in an upward motion. Then, using a warm cloth to wipe away any dead skin, they apply organic oils before moving to the next section. At first, I felt like this would be a tortuous 50 minutes; however, within a few seconds I had relaxed into the scrubbing sensation and thoroughly enjoyed my treatment. Shawna asked if I wanted a light, medium, or hard scrubbing. I opted for medium. She made sure I was comfortable with the pressure before proceeding.

My entire time at the spa I felt as if I were a princess. The staff was amazing and treated my group like we were royalty. Salish Lodge & Spa is absolutely beautiful, extremely clean, and very relaxing. I am already planning a trip back with my daughter for her birthday.

We all left Salish Spa feeling like the weight of our daily lives had been lifted. I highly recommend booking your own spa day at Salish and treating yourself to the relaxation you deserve!

For the full-experience, check out our Salish Spa episode on the Lesley & Mishana Show.

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