We all love our bourbon.

We’re all guilty of loving our milk as well.

So if someone were to come up to us and tell us that they’ve managed to mix both our favorite things together, imagine how excited we’d be!

Happy tears!

Why not consider some used bourbon barrels to make some original alcohol for yourself and enjoy it with these recipes. Or on the rocks. Whichever works.

We’re just saying that these recipes will leave your guests speechless and they’ll remember you every time they think of bourbon!

Go on, take a look! Don’t forget to try them all out when you can!

1. Bourbon Milkshake (Double Chocolate)
You need 15 minutes and 5 ingredients to make this chocolaty heaven! In a mixture, blend bourbon and chocolate ice cream, with a tad bit of milk to get a perfect consistency. Pour some chocolate syrup in a pretty looking glass and fill it up with the mixture. Drop a scoop of whipped cream on top or swirl it around like a professional and you’re good to go!

If you want to age some bourbon at home, you could buy used oak casks for sale.

2. Cherries Soaked in Bourbon
The super-simple yet delicious recipe takes only 2 ingredients and a half hour (okay maybe a little more) to shine. Two cups of bourbon and deseeded cherries will sit in a bowl for a day or two so that the fruit absorbs the yumminess of the bourbon. You can serve the cherries on top of literally anything and enjoy!

3. Bourbon-Infused Eggnog
Although it accounts for about 400 calories, it only takes 15 minutes to make and needs 7 ingredients. You’ll mix the sugar and egg yolks until it’s frothy and smooth. Slowly whisk in the vanilla extract, cream, milk, and bourbon. Done! Serve it with a sprinkle of nutmeg and enjoy it even if it’s not Christmas.

4. Strawberry Bourbon Milkshake
Within 15 minutes, you can taste the freshness of strawberries and bourbon. Ready your blender with a couple of scoops of strawberry ice cream, some ice cubes, a cup of milk, and bourbon that has been taken out from your used bourbon barrels. Mix it all up and serve in a glass coated with chocolate syrup (if you want, but why wouldn’t you?). In the end, you put up a strawberry for garnish and enjoy the summery adult drink!

5. Maple Bacon Bourbon Milkshake
Over medium heat cook the bacon strips until they’re crisp enough. Coat the strips with the Canadian famous maple syrup and let it sit. While the bacon sits idle, you can blend vanilla ice cream, bourbon, and some milk with a tablespoon of bacon fat. Serve the drink by garnishing the glass with a bacon strip. Easy, right?

6. Chocolate Bourbon Pudding
Say in about 25 minutes you can relish with the bourbon pudding. In a large bowl, mix the instant pudding mix with a large cup of bourbon and one cup of milk. Leave it to set according to the instructions on the box and serve with a good portion of whipped cream. Super simple and yet so mouthwatering, isn’t it?

You might even be lucky enough to find wholesale wooden barrels at a price that will convince you that you need to start aging some brand new bourbon at home. After all, it’s still a win-win!

7. Japan Style Milk Punch
As they say, all good things take time this drink might take about 40 minutes. It’s completely worth it, though! In a pitcher, you’ll add half-and-half milk, vanilla extract, bourbon, and sugar. Stir up the ingredients and freeze them for 3 to 4 hours (until the texture is a little slushy). Once that’s done, you can serve the drink with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

8. Bourbon Coffee Kentucky Style
Brew your favorite coffee and add vanilla extract, bourbon, and coffee liqueur to mix it in a cozy mug. If you like your coffee sweet, you can add brown sugar to it. Take a metal spoon that’s small, and hold it against the inside surface of the mug. Let the curved side be up. Gently start pouring the cream over the spoon. It’ll stay atop the coffee and make you feel like a professional! Enjoy it while it’s hot!

9. Ginger Beer Float
No, we didn’t forget the bourbon part in this recipe. Whisk eggs in a bowl to make them frothy and thick. While whisking it, add sugar and let it dissolve completely. After this, you whisk in the cream, vanilla essence, bourbon from the used bourbon barrels, and milk and put it into the ice cream freezing machine to let it become the smooth ice cream we love! For the ginger beer float, you put the ice cream in the serving glass and top it with your favorite ginger beer.

10. Coconut Cardamom Bourbon Hot Chocolate
Over medium heat, let the coconut milk and cardamom simmer while stirring it. Once it bubbles up, you remove it from heat and add in the chocolate chips. Add bourbon to the mixture once it has cooled down. Blend it for 30 seconds or so. The aim is to make it as frothy as possible. To serve, top the drink with coconut whipped cream and sprinkle cardamom on it. Voila!

11. Peach and Thyme Sorbet
You want to boil water, lime juice, sugar, thyme, and bourbon in a saucepan to dissolve it and let it cool for an hour or so. Next, you blend the peaches and add the cooled-off sugar mixture into the blender. Let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for an hour and then use the ice cream maker to turn it into a sorbet. Serve with a fresh stick of thyme!

White oak barrels are a great option to age bourbon since they’re charred to perfection.

12. Fizzy Bourbon Fig
This is probably the easiest recipe from the lot. All you have to do is mix vanilla cream soda with bourbon and the ready-made fig spread. Pour this mixture through a bunch of ice in the serving glass. Your guests will be surprised by this combination.

13. Bourbon Shake with Carrot Cake
Simply mix the carrot cake, bourbon, ice cream, and some milk in a blender until you have the desired consistency. All you’re left to do now is serve the drink and top it with crumbled carrot cake for that extra kick.

14. Chicory Coffee Granita with Bourbon Whipped Cream
Brew a cup of chicory coffee and add cane sugar to it, stirring until it is completely dissolved. Once this cools down, shift it into a container and set it in the freezer, removing it every hour to shave the ice. The granita is supposed to be light and super fluffy. Now, in a serving glass, top the icy granita with whipped cream that is spiked with bourbon from your collection of used bourbon barrels.

15. Frozen Bananas and Bourbon
In a blender mix bananas, bourbon, milk, ice cream, and ice cubes to smooth it all. Drop a spoon full of caramel into the serving glass and pour the simple yet appealing drink into it.

16. Toasted Marshmallow Freak Shake
A little bit of a hassle, but worth it, the shake is going to kill you (not literally, of course!) Crush a few graham crackers to coat the glass’s rim. Toast the marshmallows and stick ‘em onto the same rim. You want to broil a few marshmallows for your shake as well. Now, in a mixture add all your cookies (Oreos and graham crackers), milk, ice cream, toasted marshmallows, and milk. Once the mixture is smooth, add your favorite bourbon to it. Serve the shake in the decorated glass and top it off with whipped cream, more marshmallows, and some chocolate sauce.

17. Pumpkin Cocktail
The yummy cocktail is fit for whenever you want! Mix heavy cream, sugar syrup, bourbon, pumpkin slush, and some apple cider, and you have the best of both worlds. Enjoy in the evening with a couple of friends or family members while telling them how you aged the bourbon in the wholesale wooden barrels you recently bought.


Don’t let the recipes satisfy you just yet!

You want to try these out for the next party or get together you organize in your home.

Since these drinks and desserts don’t require a special occasion to be made, you could try them out on a lazy weekend and enjoy with your S.O.

Ask a few friends to come over, and you could experiment with many more drinks! While doing so, you could convince them to buy wooden barrels for sale and start experimenting with bourbon for leisure too!

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Article Source: Rocky Mountain Barrel Company: https://www.rockymountainbarrelcompany.com/17-eye-opener-dessert-recipes-bourbon-infused/

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