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Do you love traveling but can’t do as much as you’d like because you don’t want to leave your dog behind? We have good news for you!

There are plenty of dog-friendly travel destinations in the northwest region. If you know where to go, you never have to leave your furry friend out of your adventures again!

If you’re planning on traveling around the region, here are some of the pet-friendly spots you should visit. We’ve covered places to sleep, some of the best restaurants to eat at, and a variety of activities in each area that you and your dog can experience together.


Washington is the most northwestern state in the country, and it’s an interesting place for a visit at any time of year. There are beaches, mountains, rainforests, and semi-arid terrain, so you can expect a vast array of activities in the state. There are plenty of dog-friendly places and activities across the region!

If you and your pup are into hiking and being out on the water, Blaine is a great place to spend some time. There’s a dog-friendly hotel for every budget, from simple motel rooms to full houses for rent. Before you go, make sure you’ve got all the hiking supplies you’ll need for your furry friend – like a portable water bowl, dog boots, and coat for if it’s going to be cold. Take a look at Walkee Paws – The Better Dog Boot – if you’re in need of protection for your dog’s paws.

If you really want to treat your dog, spend a few nights at Semiahmoo Resort. Your pup will have beds, food, and water bowls in the room, complete with dog treats. They’ll also find special gifts, like tennis balls and branded bandanas.

Other places of interest include Fort Flagler State Park, where you can camp with your pup and enjoy a variety of trails. Lake Chelan is a tranquil spot with stunning views, and it’s an excellent spot for wine lovers! There are a number of dog-friendly wineries in the area.

Visiting in winter? Hit the snowpark with your pup in Mount Baker. If summer is your favorite season, take your pup to romp around Waterfront Park in Leavenworth, before catching a cold beer at the pet-friendly München Haus beer garden.


Oregon consists of about 60% forest, and it’s a wonderful state to visit with your dog if you’re planning on getting out into nature. Dogs are allowed to roam off-leash in the Deschutes National Forest in Bend, which is a wonderful home base for your Oregon adventures.

Not only does Bend have the sunniest days in the state, but it’s known for its exciting outdoor adventures that you can include your pup in. It also features a ton of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and breweries.

Winter in Oregon is also lovely. The beaches tend to be emptier than usual, so if your dog loves the ocean and doesn’t get a lot of time off-leash, this could be an option for you.

The capital, Portland, is also exceptionally dog-friendly. With close to 100 dog-friendly hotels, a range of on- and off-leash dog parks, and 70+ restaurants and bars that welcome dogs, you can’t go wrong exploring the area with your pooch.


The rugged landscape of Idaho is another paradise for you and your pup to explore. A variety of mountain ranges make for excellent hiking and adventure, and lakes and canyons add an even wider variety of outdoor activities. Plus, there are some gorgeous towns and cities you can explore and learn about, including the history behind the Coeur d’Alene meaning and the doggy-friendly activities you can do within its boundaries.

The Snake River Plain would make a fantastic road trip with your pup. It’s a valley running about 400 miles, which is dotted with 7 of the major cities in the region.

North of Idaho is packed with spectacular lakes. If fishing, boating, kayaking, or paddleboarding are adventures that sound fun to you, you and your pup will be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to wear a life vest – both you and your pooch!

Trails, hikes, and mountain climbs are plentiful. It’s easy to find restaurants and hotels that will allow your pup inside with you, and if you’re near Abi’s Ice Cream in Coeur d’Alene, stop in for a dog sorbet!


Alaska is the largest US state, but much of it is covered by ice and snow. That doesn’t mean you and your dog can’t have some excellent adventures there, though. National parks offer amazing scenery and trails which can be undertaken with your dog in tow as long as they’re protected from the climate.

Some charter trips are also dog-friendly, so if you want to get out on the water you don’t have to leave your pup behind. Kayaking is also a popular sport to do with your dog, but make sure you’re both wearing life vests. Anchorage is also home to a variety of dog parks.

Dog-friendly restaurants are a little harder to find. Not many of them have outdoor tables due to the cold. There are a few in Anchorage that welcome pups, though: Spenard Roadhouse, BurgerFi, AK Alchemist, and Tommy’s Burger Stop.

British Columbia:

British Columbia may be in Canada, but it’s a wonderful vacation destination for you and your pet if you don’t mind the cold. Spectacular scenery and a range of terrain including coastline, rainforest, and inland semi-arid valleys make for endless adventure.

Vancouver Island is a must, and your dog can run free along the beaches or go on a hike with you. Pet-friendly cabins, campsites, and rentals are scattered around the region.

The rest of BC is equally as interesting, with dog-welcoming hotels throughout the region. A variety of parks, beautiful gardens, beaches, fishing excursions, hikes, and even dog-friendly shopping make this a wonderful place to holiday with your dog.

The Takeaway

Travel doesn’t have to be mean leaving your beloved furry friend at home while you have fun. Whether you’re traveling as a family or alone, your dog can join in your adventures. And let’s be honest, everything’s better with a wagging tail and excited yaps! Just make sure you carry the necessary supplements, food, leash, clothes, and whatever extra your pet requires. You can even check out the Nutra Thrive for Dogs discount, if at all you are interested in such nutritional supplements for your dog!

That said, if you’re going to be in the area or are looking for dog-friendly places to visit, why not take a road trip and spend some time in the above spots? There’s plenty of fun to be had for both humans and dogs.

Remember to be safe, take photos, and make sure your pup has as much fun as you do! Happy travels!

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