HO Sports is pleased to announce the 6th annual Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Water Ski tournament in Arlington, Washington, August 21st and 22nd, 2021.


The top professional slalom skiers in the world will compete alongside aspiring junior and local amateur skiers, combining the family-friendly atmosphere of water skiing with one of the largest cash prize events of the summer!

Thanks to generous contributions by local skiers, the women’s grand prize and purse will exceed the men’s for 2021!

With total payouts over $34,000, HO Sports is excited to welcome the world’s best slalom skiers to beautiful Hilltop Lake for a weekend of intense water ski competition and fun!

Women’s Purse $18,000 (6,350 Grand Prize)
Men’s Purse: $16,000 ($5,350 Grand Prize)

Tournament Sponsors:

Syndicate Waterskis
Miles Sand and Gravel
Pacific Nautique
Hilltop Lake Skiers & Friends including:

The Skoog Family, Bruce Brown, Ed Gill, Shannon Strickland, Andrew Jones, Dave & Rachelle Woodcook, Dennis Phillips, Paul D Alessandro, Lisa & Ally Thoms, Dave Eisman, Steve Miller

Tune in to the Waterski Broadcasting Company’s live webcast during the event.

Tournament Info:

Hilltop ProAm 1: https://usawaterski.org/rankings/view-tournaments_usoc.asp?pvar=TourInfo&TourID=22W016&olrds=enabled&rg=1&sl=on&tr=on&ju=on&wb=&ws=&wu=&bf=&kb=&hy=&sExclude=

Hilltop ProAm 2: https://usawaterski.org/rankings/view-tournaments_usoc.asp?pvar=TourInfo&TourID=22W017&olrds=enabled&rg=1&sl=on&tr=on&ju=on&wb=&ws=&wu=&bf=&kb=&hy=&sExclude=

To Enter as Pro skier contact skcon@aol.com

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