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Say hello to brisk fall mornings, chilly afternoons, and pumpkin pies—the fall season is finally here! Whether you’re a kid at heart or you want to explore new things with your family, you won’t want to miss out on exploring new things in Idaho this fall.

Now that the leaves are falling, Idaho invites you to take a plunge in its greatness, may it be in the form of an afternoon outdoor picnic or an evening camping. Check out these four must-try adventures around the state!

Hiking at Marshall Ridge

If you want to stay in shape while appreciating the colorful foliage, head to the Marshall Ridgeline. It will give you a breathtaking view of the forested valleys, golden aspen trees, and the most dramatic sight of the Sawtooth Mountains. And the best part? This trail is a dog-friendly area!

You can start your hike at the Fishhook Creek Trailhead by Redfish Lake. Follow the trail and wait until it comes to a fork. The left trail continues up Fishhook Creek, while the right leads to steeps up the hillside. We suggest taking the path to Fishhook Creek. Wait until you come to another fork and take the right trail, which will lead you to a beautiful view of the aspen forest and the Sawtooth Mountains. 

Fishing at Redfish Lake

Near Marshall Ridge lies Redfish Lake, a serene area offering opportunities for spin casting and fly fishing. Various trout species such as Dolly Varden and Rainbow can be caught here. Landlocked salmon and Kokanee are also swimming around the lake. Make sure to secure a fishing license before heading out. If you still have none, you can acquire it and rent fishing equipment in Stanley, which is just 6 miles away from the Lodge!

Additionally, should you wish to add another water sport to your itinerary, you can try paddleboarding in the lake! Don’t forget to take lovely snaps of you and the jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains as your backdrop!

Relax in a hot spring 

Idaho is teeming with incredible hot springs. And nothing tops a lovely soak in a natural geothermal pool after a long hike!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to relax after a long hike or feeling chilly this fall, there are a lot of hot springs to choose from: there’s Pine Flats hot springs, Trail Creek hot springs, and Goldbug hot springs! And the best part? Admission is free to these hot springs!

Biking along the Route of the Hiawatha

If you’re looking for a chill, relaxing way to spend quality time with your family, biking along the Route of the Hiawatha is highly recommended! Idaho is one of the most breathtaking rail-to-trail routes in the country. Cycle with your kids 15 miles down a flat trail and pass through ten tunnels and seven bridges while admiring the scenic views and wildlife in the area!

Some tips before visiting: You can bring your bikes or rent some from Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area. Headlamps and 300-lumen lights attached to each bike are required, but you could rent these if you don’t have one.

Bottom line

That sums up our must-try Idaho adventures! Try to plan one or two outdoor trips this month with your kids so that you all get to experience the best of Idaho together!

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