(Photo Credit: Matilde Melendez)
Hola, my name is Matilde Melendez and I am originally from Peru. I moved to this country more than 30 years ago with my family. During that time, I have had many jobs like a housekeeper, office cleaner, director of Home Care at Sea Mar and after many years of working hard, I was able to open my small business, a tour agency called “Conquer Peru.”

Conquer Peru offers visitors a chance to fully immerse themselves into the beauty and culture of Peru. As a native Peruvian and with all my in-country colleagues, I can offer visitors a more unique experience off the beaten path. The trips that I offer expose the tourist to a new perspective regarding other cultures through a new lens. Visiting Peru is very beneficial for the body and soul, makes visitors more compassionate, revitalized, energized, and happier.
While the Hispanic community should be celebrated all year round,  I want to recognize and celebrate my community for their hard work, resilience and desire to keep pushing forward for themselves, their families and for the great contribution we provide to this country. I hope I inspire others to continue with this legacy for future generations.
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