Lawless Forge in Seattle brings people closer together through blacksmithing experiences. All ages and backgrounds are invited to step into the unfamiliar and exhilarating shoes of a blacksmith: As a team. Let loose, try the forbidden, and discover that you’re capable of far more than you think.

From horseshoe to knife.

A buddy of mine recommended Lawless Forge to me after he attended one of the classes with his colleagues. I’m huge on experience gifts so I booked a private horseshoe knifemaking class for my boyfriend and four of his friends. Needless to say, they had an absolute blast, and I highly recommend Lawless Forge as the perfect experience gift for all friends and family!

The boys making their knives.

“A good time was had by all, brothers bonding in the heat of the forge; with hammers and tongs and aprons and gloves. We moved iron and etched into our minds memories not soon forgot and into our hearts the love of the brotherhood of men. Amen.” — Greg

Kyle forging his knife.

“I had a really great time with a group of friends there for an adult birthday party. It was a unique and very cool experience. Tyler was our instructor for the evening. He was a good teacher, very knowledgeable, and just a cool fun dude! I highly recommend this place!” – Dan

The instructor!

Class Options:

Horseshoe Knife
$80 per Adult | $40 per Child

Begin with half a horseshoe and walk away with the coolest knife you’ve ever seen! Perfect for a steak knife, paring knife, or box cutter. In case it’s not enough to forge a knife, you’ll also use some super fun power tools such as belt sanders.

Kyle’s knife taking shape.

Bottle Opener Class
$95 per Adult | $40 per Child

Begin with a rod of steel and make your very own functional bottle opener! Learn an exciting array of techniques such as twisting, bending, scrolling, and tapering hot steel. If anyone in the group doesn’t drink alcohol, they will help them make a towel/coat hook instead.

Some of the finished products!

Blacksmith Mastery: Fundamentals
$180 per person

Designed and led by a blacksmithing veteran with 20 years of experience, this 1-day (8 hours) advanced course dives deep into the tools and techniques fundamental to metal forging. Students will learn tapering, hot-cutting, twisting, scrolling & bending, forging nail headers, proper use of a drill press, and other cornerstone blacksmithing techniques.

Greg’s fully finished knife.

Lawless Forge
3600 E Marginal Way S,
Seattle, WA 98134
Ph. 206.552.8341



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