Say what’s up to BusterBoy, a woman-owned and locally based company in the Pacific Northwest! You know how much I love dogs, so I jumped at the chance to work with BusterBoy!

BusterBoy offers car seat covers and organizers for a clean and tidy, no-slide ride for all your doggos!

My roommate’s dog, StanLee, is ready to ride!
The Mat

BusterBoy Mats (retail $29.99 – $69.99 depending on vehicle length) are made with a top surface that gives traction for your dogs’ nails to grip. The underside of the mat has a non-slip surface so that the mat doesn’t slip or move on the seat.

The ​BusterBoy Mats can simply be unrolled and placed on your seat! To put it away, simply roll it up, secure it with the velcro fastener, and stow it under your seat. Rolling and unrolling the mat is quick and easy, and your seats will always be ready for your pets or your passengers instantly!

The Backrest Protector

BusterBoy Backrests (retail $19.99 – $49.99 depending on vehicle length) take only seconds to install, store or move to another vehicle. The backrest is heat and water resistant and promises not to tear or rip. The backrest also has minimal buckles and straps that are adjustable to your vehicle and are a universal fit for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and RVs.

Sorry folks, no matter how much I vacuum, the dog hair never ceases.

I have transported my roommate’s 4-year old Great Dane Mastiff, StanLee as well as my two precious 11-year old boxers, Nala and Watson (who have multiple mobility issues) using my BusterBoy mats in my Volkswagen Jetta and I just love them.

The mats are indeed easy to remove and store when I take humans in my car and they do not budge! I also like the clean look they give my backseat – now if only they could help me vacuum up the never-ending dog hair from the carpet…..

My elderly babies, Nala and Watson, both have walking issues and are almost 11 years old! I was so excited to test out the mat that I inadvertently put it in the wrong way!  The little flaps get tucked under the seat and allow for easy access to seatbelts. Even backwards, this mat rocks and they stay safe and secure!

I had the chance to interview BusterBoy founder Melanie Green to learn more about her story and how BusterBoy came to be!

Tell us a little about you! What was life like growing up and what inspired you to start Buster Boy?

Growing up we always had dogs, big dogs, little dogs, all sorts. I love dogs and knowing what a big responsibility having one is, I waited for the right time to have one. That time for me was when I settled into my adult life with a couple of kids.

I finally felt ready to take on a puppy, our new member of our family, and that was Buster. It was a busy time, kids in school and sports, friends coming and going, I was in the car most of my days, either picking up or dropping off. All the while Buster came along, he loved being with me all day and he loved his rides.

That’s when I noticed the way he slipped on the seat, never able to get a secure grip. I also had a hard time with the dirt and hair on my seats and in my car. I love my car clean and organized so I knew I had to do something to, make Buster more secure and I had to find a way to keep the seats from getting dirty.

I tried several car seat covers but nothing worked for my busy lifestyle. Every time a friend came into my car I found myself trying to undo straps and buckles trying to move the covers off the seat. I didn’t like the idea of my kids and their friends sitting on a dirty, hairy seat cover. I didn’t like the idea of having to remove the giant seat covers every time they got dirty and then I didn’t like the idea of washing them in my clothes washer. So, I came up with the idea of the mat.

(Photo Credit: BusterBoy)
What makes Buster Boy mats and backrests different from similar products on the market?

The mat and backrest are not comparable to any other car seat covers/protectors on the market. They simply rest on the seat. No straps, buckles, or tucks, you just place them on the seat and they don’t budge. They’re made with a non-slip material on the bottom and a softer, grippy material on the top which helps dogs grip the mat with their paws giving them a secure footing.

For me, the best thing about the mat is that after every ride or just the very dirty rides, all I do is pull them out, give them a shake and throw them back on the seat. The dirt and hair fall right off and you don’t have to ride around in a dirty, hairy car, ever.

If my friends come in my car, I just shake the mats off, roll them up and stow them under the seat. My friends will always have clean seats to sit on.

The mats are waterproof, heat resistant, and durable, mine is eight years old now and still works great.

What are the cool features of the BusterBoy organizer?

The organizer is so nice to have. It holds everything essential for dogs and their owners. All are within reach when you open the door. On especially wet and messy walks, I open the door, grab the towel, wipe Buster off, he jumps on the mat while I put his leash and chuck-it in their holders. Then, I take out a treat from the deep pocket and off we go.

The organizer holds a first-aid kit, water bottle and bowl, a chuck-it holder, a towel holder, a leash holder, and several deep pockets for all the rest. For people traveling or on the go in camper vans, it’s a great storage option to have at hand for your pets. Mostly it’s nice to always be prepared.

After our walks, I honestly cringe when I see other dogs on wet days jumping in the car and shaking themselves all over everything while their owners throw the leash and balls on the floor before closing the door and driving away.

(Photo Credit: BusterBoy)
Tell us how and where the products are made!

All our products are made in the USA and sewn here in Seattle!

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