Outdoor weddings continue to reign supreme this year, so we round up some of the best backyard wedding ideas. You’ll probably agree that you feel the safest when you’re at home, so what better place to tie the knot than in an unforgettable backyard wedding? And while your backyard is a beautiful setting on its own, to make it the event of the year, you may need a few ideas to elevate the WOW level. So here are 7 backyard wedding ideas that will enchant every wedding guest.

Why Choose A Backyard Wedding?

A backyard wedding is ideal for couples that want a genuinely sentimental experience, enjoy being outside, or want to have their dream wedding on a shoestring budget. A backyard wedding has several advantages, including the cost and convenience, but a little more goes into it. There will be items that you need to rent, figure out the best layout, ways to personalize it, and make it a unique experience that everyone will absolutely love. 

7 Enchanting Backyard Wedding Ideas

Whether you’ve always wanted a backyard wedding ceremony or the current situation has made you restructure your event, you’ll love these unique backyard wedding ideas to keep things fresh. After all, who doesn’t enjoy small and intimate weddings in the backyard? Is there anything more romantic than that? Think about the possibilities! You could host a blowout BBQ, float down the aisle barefoot in the grass, and dance unabandoned under twinkle light dangling from the trees. Not to mention how many DIY wedding centerpieces with fresh flowers you can create with your best gals.


From unique seating ideas to exquisite culinary experiences, we have the best backyard wedding idea to make your event special. Whether one backyard wedding idea captures your heart, or you love them all, one thing is for sure – it’ll be an outdoor wedding of the ages. 

1. Outdoor Furniture And Tents 

You may be envisioning your backyard wedding as a beautiful nature-filled ceremony and a dancefloor under the stars, but there’s a little more to it than that. Your guests will need somewhere to sit for the ceremony, a different area to sit for food and drink, you may need to rent a bar, and a backup plan is always suggested in case of rain. So, here are some incredible ideas for seating and tents for your backyard wedding event. 

Unique Ceremony Seating

Oh, yeah! This is our favorite backyard wedding idea, and one of the places where you can really have fun during wedding planning by incorporating your style and flair. If you want to host a wedding ceremony that speaks uniquely to you and your partner, know that there are tons of ways to personalize your day.

Many couples have defied convention by substituting dessert bars for wedding cakes or dinner buffets with food trucks. Although not every aspect of your big day needs to be rethought or reimagined, a few crucial changes can make a ceremony or reception feel fresh and memorable. Consider the first thing your guests will see—their ceremony seats. There’s a lot more to wedding seating than straight rows of seats on both sides of an aisle. Here are some outdoor wedding ceremony seating ideas that are sure to be the talk of the night. 

Church Pews 

Pews are no longer just seen inside a church. Couples and wedding planners that are creative and like to think outside the box started to bring some traditional elements into outdoor weddings. So, not if you want to mix up your wedding by blending traditional elements with a rustic setting, church pews are a great backyard wedding idea for guest seating. 

Image Source: Christina Burton Events

Personalizing your wedding ceremony seating doesn’t just mean what your guests sit on. Designing intricate seating arrangements add a lot of visual interest and will be something that everyone will remember. Instead of straight rows of seats, set them up in an arch shape. It’ll be visually appealing for all. 

Picnic Blankets

This is a great backyard wedding idea! If you’re hosting a cozy and intimate affair with a laid-back or boho vibe creating small picnic area seating is genius. And for an extra special touch, use picnic blankets with nice pillows, add bottles of wine, and food for your loved ones to munch on while waiting for the ceremony to begin. They’ll love it!

In The Round

Another interesting seating arrangement and backyard wedding idea are to place white folding chairs in a swirl. With the ceremony being in the middle of the swirl, it means the bride will walk through the aisle (or swirl) past each one of her guests to get to the center and say “I DO!”

Image Source: GIDEON PHOTO via MarthaStewart.com

One backyard wedding idea that we love is when couples create various seating areas throughout their wedding. Couches, ottomans, and other lounge-style seating allow you to create individual niches for your guests. It’s ultra-chic and definitely a conversation piece. 

Tent For Weather Control (add twinkly lights!)

When you’re planning an outdoor affair, one thing you must do is have a backup plan in case the weather isn’t picture-perfect. An excellent backyard wedding idea is to rent a large tent for your reception. But don’t think tents are dull and ugly. You can create softness with cascading drapery, bring the outside in with live plants and trees, or set the tone for your post-ceremony décor with a range of ceiling installations. Your wedding canopy or tent will stand out from the crowd with a variety of unique decor, imaginative lighting, and custom flooring.

2. Personalized Wedding Signage 

Another excellent backyard wedding idea is to add signage. Your guests will need help navigating your outdoor spaces, so adding some signage will help. But, again, creating an enjoyable experience for your guests is vital. Some ways you can add signage are listed below.

  • Welcome Sign
  • Cute Wedding Hashtag Signage – this is a fantastic way to advertise your wedding hashtag!
  • Unplugged Signage – this reminds guests that no phones are allowed.
  • Wedding Ceremony Sign – to steer them in the right direction for your ceremony
  • Bar & Food Signage – no explanation necessary, right?
  • Guest Book Signs – it’s always nice to have a small sign on the guest book table to ask wedding guests to write a little note.
  • Wedding Reception Sign – if your reception is in another area, you’ll want a sign to point them there.
  • Signs With Quotes – this can be a great backyard wedding idea for decor.

3. Unique Food And Drink Setups

Everyone has been to a wedding with a standard buffet or plated dinner with the traditional choices of steak, chicken, or fish. But in modern times, couples are on the hunt for out-of-the-box culinary experiences that are irresistible, unique, unforgettable, and ever so tasty. 

Here are a few genius ways to mix up the cuisine at your backyard wedding. 

Food trucks 

This may have never entered your mind, but that quirky food truck you love and visit regularly would make an unforgettable culinary experience for your wedding guests. Wedding food trucks are a great backyard wedding idea as they add to the decor while providing fabulous food and an unbelievable dining experience. 

Champagne bar

Ok, what is more magical and exciting than when champagne bottles are popping, and the bubbly is flowing. There’s just something about champagne that causes immediate sensory overload…in a good way. So, don’t be shy! Add a champagne bar to your outdoor wedding. It’s a backyard wedding idea that sets the tone for a fun event. 

Beer on tap 

Some pretty cool setups can be rented, or if you’re the DIY kind, you can build yourself that will allow you to serve beer on tap. They add a terrific aesthetic to your outdoor wedding. 

4. Grass Games

Add some grass games when you want to elevate your backyard wedding into a soiree that no one will forget. Here are a couple of ideas for getting your juices started on choosing the perfect grass games for your backyard wedding.

  • Jenga
  • Connect Four
  • Croquet
  • Ring Toss
  • Corn Hole
  • Badminton
  • Bocce Ball
  • Giant Checkers

5. Outdoor Photo Display 

Using photos as wedding décor is a fun way to remember the past while celebrating the future, but it’s also a simple and inexpensive option. Using a simple big-day DIY project, you can frequently display your best family images on your own.

  • Geometric Photo Display – drape cords from one side to the other and pin your photos onto the cord
  • Wooden Photo Wall – create a DIY wooden wall and tack your favorite photos to it. For a little extra decor, add a love quote in the center. 
  • Hoop Display – Engagement photos of the bride and groom or all of your favorite family photos can be secured with a white ribbon and displayed inside a metal hoop for a modern and beautiful accent.

6. Wedding Decor

This is one of the essential parts of your wedding planning process – tying everything together with the wedding decor. And your wedding decor will vary based on the theme and color palette, but here are a few wedding decor ideas that we love. 

  • Larger-Than-Life Marquee Letters
  • Pampas Grass
  • Doors
  • Macrame Escort Card Display
  • Chandelier In Trees
  • Interesting Altar Ideas – Circular Altar
  • Unique Dancefloor 
  • Suspend Decor From Trees – Flowers, Lights, Crystals Etc.
  • Farmstyle Tables

7. Creative Lighting

Lighting has a fantastic effect on aesthetics and ambiance at any event. And when it comes to the wedding day, lighting is king. Here are a few backyard wedding ideas to add creative lighting. 

Twinkly Lights

Light up the night at your backyard wedding with twinkly lights. We love them as they add a sense of whimsy and magic to any outdoor setting. Here are a few of our favorite twinkly light ideas. 

  • Cafe or Bistro Lights
  • Strings Lights 
  • Chandeliers Hanging From Trees
  • Limb Lighting
  • Tiki Torches
  • Chandeliers Hanging From Tent
  • Tented Lights
  • Edison Lightbulbs Suspended At Different Heights
  • Candlelight


Another terrific way to add lighting to your wedding in the backyard is with lanterns. They offer 

  • Steel Lanterns
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Lanterns Hanging From Trees Or Vines
  • Rattan Lanterns 
  • Camp Lanterns
  • Farmhouse Lanterns

Tie The Knot Out Back

Backyard weddings are a wonderful place to tie the knot with your closest family and friends. The natural setting that Mother Nature provides, and the emotions of the event will undoubtedly create a wedding for the ages. We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for planning your unforgettable day.  

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