My crew and I recently spent another fun weekend on the east side of Washington, Spokane! I truly love visiting this part of the state and getting away from the west side for a bit. Keep reading for all the goods on where we visited!

Where We Stayed

The Davenport Tower |

(Photo Credit: The Davenport Tower)

If you find yourself in Spokane, stay at either The Davenport Tower (where we stayed on this particular trip) or The Historic Davenport. We’ve have now stayed at both and they are conveniently across the street from one another. Located in downtown Spokane with easy access to a parking garage, you have the ability to ditch the car and walk around to all the fun bars and restaurants.

Both hotels also offer fun dining experiences. Try out the Safari Room at the Tower or The Peacock Room Lounge at the Historic Davenport. Did I mention the Historic Davenport is known to be haunted by ghosts?

Whiskey neat at the Peacock for a win!
Where We Sipped

Steam Plant Brewery |

Located in Spokane’s history Steam Plant, two 225-foot smokestacks lead you to one incredible landmark – which is also the perfect location for dining, events and of course, beer! The brewery partnered with The Grain Shed to craft unique brewed drinks that are locally sourced.

The Yellow Brick Road IPA was smooth as silk!

Big Barn Brewing Company |

Big Barn Brewing Tap House is located in Mead about 30 minutes north of downtown Spokane. Surrounded by farms and open fields, it’s a great place to visit and just take in some views while sipping on a beer. They offer quite a selection of beers on tap and all four of us in my little crew loved the Mead Honey Lager.

They also offer fun places to take some photos!

Precious Things Fermentation |

Now I’ll admit, I know the owners of Precious Things Fermentation Project, Jeff and Candace Clark. We all used to live in Virginia and hung out back in the day, then we all somehow managed to move to the West Coast. They opened Precious Things and of course I have to support my friends and then bring my friends to also help support them!

Precious Things is a very small nano brewery that specializes in farmhouse and mixed fermentation beers with a European influence. And trust me, if you’ve been to Germany, you’ll feel right at home here. I can’t choose one beer to try because they are all awesome – and this is not sponsored nor am I saying that because they are my friends. They have established a great place to sip and have incredible beer on tap.

Jeff, Jessica, Maser, me, Kyle and Candace

Emma Rue’s |

Surprise! A non-beer place but this time, coffee! Emma Rue’s is located downtown next to People’s Waffle (read more below). Put yourself on the waiting list at People’s Waffle and then walk through the curtain next door to Emma Rue’s and sip on some fantabulous coffee while you wait for a table to open. I originally ordered a coffee with Bailey’s, which turned into a coffee with Black Irish Cream and Jameson and I was in morning heaven! Emma Rue’s is a great place to chill out and relax, whether you are waiting for a table or not.

Hello heaven!
Where We Fed

Outlaw BBQ |

This girl loves herself some BBQ and Outlaw BBQ did not disappoint. I ordered the two meat plate with ribs and pulled pork, bacon ranch potato salad, southern mac & cheese and the to-die-for cheesy corn bread. I indulged and have zero regrets.

Enough said on this visual feast.

People’s Waffle |

My boyfriend Kyle introduced me to People’s Waffle on our fall 2021 trip to Spokane and this time we had to bring our friends Jessica and Maser with us. People’s Waffle is located in downtown Spokane and next door to Emma Rue’s (as mentioned above). There is always a wait list so be prepared. Between sweet waffles, savory waffles and of course, not waffles – they have something for everyone.

My first time visiting, I ordered The Benny with crispy bacon instead of Canadian bacon. This time I ordered the Bacon Apple Cheddar Wafflewich (yes, it comes with layers of bacon, spiced apples and sharp cheese with a maple aioli dipping sauce). I don’t have a favorite of the two, everything is delicious and I can’t wait to return to try something else on the menu so my taste buds can explore!

Where We Played

Knitting Factory |

Live country music. Packed venue. Beer.  Need I say more? The whole reason why we went on this trip was to see Randy Houser. And by the way, Ella Langley opened for him and she was incredible! It felt so good to live life like COVID never happened. Knitting Factory is a great venue to see live shows, and I highly recommend you plan to check one out in the near future!

Until next time, Spokane!

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