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SkinSpirit recently opened their fourth location in Seattle at Green Lake. Known for its spa-like environment, the clinic offers aesthetic skin, face and body treatments with a team of nurse practitioners and aestheticians who are passionate about boosting confidence and personalizing treatments for clients.

I had the chance to interview CEO and co-founder of SkinSpirit, Lynn Heublein. Keep on reading for more on all things skin and self care!

Lynn Heublein (Photo Credit: SkinSpirit)

Tell us about you! Where are you from and what was life like growing up?
I’m from Seattle and loved growing up here. It’s where my energy for entrepreneurship comes from. My father was an entrepreneur and is still my greatest inspiration. I went to the University of Washington and received a B.S. in Civil Engineering, then headed to Stanford University for my MBA. 

What drew you into the aesthetics industry?
My career path started in technology, which some might call the opposite of aesthetics. I was a brand manager at Proctor & Gamble and developed a career launching tech companies. I knew I wanted to work on something I was more interested in – something that I just had to have in my own life. 

The jump to aesthetics was fueled by personal experience. I made a leap from technology to create a space where clients could feel their best with the help of best-in-class comprehensive aesthetic services. In 2001, I was getting treatments from Dr. Dean Vistnes, and I just knew there was an opportunity to create something life changing like I had experienced for others.

In 2003, I partnered with Dr. Vistnes to open our first SkinSpirit location. My tech background gets me excited over the research and development going into aesthetic skin and body care and I’m living out my entrepreneurial dreams – all while helping clients feel their best with medical grade aesthetic skin and body care.

SkinSpirit Facial (Photo Credit: SkinSpirit)

Tell us about SkinSpirit! What can a client expect that is unique from other businesses with similar services?
We have a staff of highly trained nurse practitioners and aestheticians under the guidance of medical directors, including Dr. Vistnes. Many of our staff are top trainers for major pharmaceutical partners such as Allergan, which supplies Botox® and Juvederm. We’re a woman-owned organization that recently moved its headquarters to Seattle, and we have a rapidly growing staff.  

We designed the SkinSpirit experience to continuously follow the highest ethical, scientific and medical standards. Our clinics provide all the luxuries of a spa experience with expert-backed services designed to provide real, natural-looking results.

The SkinSpirit staff means everything to me. Our highly educated nurses and aestheticians provide expertise across a wide range of treatments, from Botox® to laser hair removal. They set the bar high, and I’m so proud of them. They are the reason for our continued growth nationwide.

Being from Seattle, the recent grand opening of our Green Lake location is incredibly special to me, along with bringing our headquarters to the Emerald City. We now have 20+ locations nationwide and look forward to growing.

SkinSpirit Injectables (Photo Credit: SkinSpirit)

For the face, botox vs filler – what are each good for?
Botox® is best for smoothing wrinkles caused by muscle movement, such as crow’s feet, frown lines and vertical lines that form between your eyebrows. Fillers are used to add volume and can be used to treat a number of areas such as the cheeks, chin, and lips. 

I’m in my early 40’s. For men and women my age, what types of services should we get and how often to keep your glow fresh?
We take a custom made, personalized approach to treatments based on each client’s goals. With so many options, our experts make recommendations based on experience and client goals. Before treatments, we have a consultation appointment to discuss personal aesthetic goals and create your own personalized treatment plan.

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