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Say what’s up to Seattle Strength & Performance

As we emerge from the pandemic and resume life outside of our homes, this Seattle company wants you to become the strongest version of yourself. Seattle Strength & Performance (SSP) brings a unique strength-and-joy focused approach to fitness, prioritizing muscle-building as a path to fun and doing things you enjoy, health and happiness over aesthetic improvements. SSP members enjoy personal, group or race-specific training – youngest members are 10, participating in the Youth Athletics program, ambitious athletes prepare for challenges like the Spartan Race and people later in life rely on strength training to keep them doing the things they love, like hiking.

SSP recently announced the grand opening of their new Phinney Ridge location, expanding North from its existing Queen Anne location to bring smart, personalized coaching to more Seattleites — young and old!

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Meet Chris Travis

Owner Chris Travis knows the importance of strength training for everyone – whether you’re a young athlete or a still-active 80-year-old. After years in the tech world, Chris followed his passion for fitness to grow the brand that brought him life-changing mental and physical results. In 2020 Chris secured ownership of SSP and set out to bring their innovative training programs to all Seattleites – one neighborhood at a time.

“Our goal is to bring what we do to more Seattleites and really be an integral part of people’s lives. One of our core values is that people are capable of more than they think, and we see this everyday from our members who not only get stronger physically but also build confidence and have fun in the process as part of our community. We’ve been so fortunate during the pandemic to have been able to build such a loyal and strong community in Queen Anne, and we can’t wait to extend it to Phinney.”

Chris Travis (Photo Credit: SSP)
The SSP Approach

SSP’s approach to fitness is different – with personal training tailored to your body, goals and lifestyle through small, hands-on group classes that never leave you feeling alone or untrained. Their trainers focus on form-first to maximize your movement and time, guiding you to become the strongest version of yourself. Starting with a customized 12-week program, SSP creates adaptations in your body to improve strength, function and mobility – creating a solid base to help you reach your goals.

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