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The Northwest region covers a large area, but the majority of it offers some excellent outdoor activity options. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a more chilled-out nature lover, there’s something in the region for you!

However, we’re a little biased. Golf is our favorite way to pass the time, so today we’re enthusing about why we believe golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in the Northwest region. 

Even when the weather is less than ideal, indoor golf is still a superb activity option! But if you’re after the great outdoors, wind in your hair, and breathing fresh air, here’s our thoughts on why golf is the best bet. 

It’s Great to Do With The Family 

If you’re a family-oriented person, golf is actually a super way to get out and have some fun together. Whether you’re already a golfing family, you’re teaching junior to play, or you want to get a round in while you’re significant other relaxes at the clubhouse until you can join them for drinks, golf is an excellent choice. 

It’s great for young and old, fit and unfit, sociable and quiet. Whether your family consists of kids or seniors, golf can easily be adapted to suit them. 

Different length tees, golf carts, some healthy competition, and a lovely spot for a meal after your round… What more do you need for a fun, easy family day out? 

But You Can Also Do It Alone 

On the other hand, if you’re single, alone for the weekend, or need to just spend some time alone clearing your mind, the golf course is also an amazing place to do that. 

Whether you want to play a full round on your own or simply smash some balls on the driving range, the golf course is always there for you! 

Sometimes, hitting some balls but lending your mind to the strategy that golf requires is the perfect zen kind of experience that helps you to relax and ease up. 

Get Your Nature Fill 

You can’t deny that most golf courses are just beautiful. Having an expanse of stunning smooth, green fairways laid out before you, being surrounded by trees, and having the pace and quiet of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city helps to ease your mind. 

Science points to the many health benefits of spending time in nature as well. The beauty of the golf course is that it’s not just another sports field, like a baseball diamond or a football field. 

It’s truly out in amongst nature, and often comes complete with local flora and fauna too! Whether you’re at your local straightforward parklands course or a must-play, bucket-list kind of course, the benefits of having wind in your hair, sun on your skin, and beauty surrounding you can’t be disputed. 

It’s Accessible for Everyone 

One of the best things about golf is that it’s accessible to so many people, regardless of health and fitness. 

If you want a great cardiovascular workout, walk the course. But if you can’t quite manage that, then the golf cart is ready and waiting to help you get from place to place. 

Want to feel those muscles working? Swing hard and with excellent form, and you’ll feel it in your biceps, shoulders, chest, glutes, and core. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relaxed, low-impact sport that won’t place too much stress on joints or muscles, golf can absolutely be that too. 

Golf Courses Are Everywhere! 

And of course, you really don’t need to go far to find a stunning golf course in the Northwest region to play on! Golf courses are a dime a dozen, and while they’re not all spectacular works of art, they do all offer the benefits we’ve already mentioned up above. 

Whether you’re looking for a pro-level, exciting course to challenge you, or a more forgiving course for the family to enjoy together, there’s sure to be an appropriate course close by. 

Do a bit of research on your local courses (remember to make sure they’re open to the public), and take advantage of the lovely weather to play a round or two! Family or solo, golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in the Northwest region. 

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who has been lucky enough to play on some of the most amazing courses around the country. When he’s not working on his game, he’s writing informative articles for his website, Golf Influence.

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