Recently, I embarked on a true Pacific Northwest adventure. Bringing my boyfriend, Kyle, along, we drove a couple hours east of Seattle to the Leavenworth area for a stay at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort.

Wildwater River Guides

Leavenworth in the early summer is one thing, but Leavenworth anytime during the week instead of a weekend makes life that much better. With little crowds and nice weather, we were ready for an outdoor excursion on the Wenatchee River with Wildwater River Guides.

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon to Wildwater’s meetup point at Riverside Park in Cashmere. As this was my fourth time rafting (third time on the Wenatchee), I was surprised to find out that it would just be Kyle and I as guests along with our guide’s little brother who was visiting from the east coast.  Our friendly and very knowledgeable guide, Jordan, immediately helped us get ready for our experience. We signed waivers that explained the inherent risks that could be encountered in the course of whitewater rafting (including drowning and hypothermia – how fun!) and we were fitted for our wetsuits, booties and life jackets.

Rafting is fun for the whole family! (Photo Credit: Wildwater)
Rafting Experience

Just after 1:30 p.m., Jordan drove van to the drop off location on the Wenatchee River, just outside of Leavenworth. We met up with another crew of rafters who would be joining us, as they were all in training to become guides. Jordan showed Kyle and I a safety demonstration so we would know what to do in case we fell out of the raft. I am always impressed by the guides. Jordan was very passionate about rafting and also about  keeping the experience both safe and fun!

The next three hours on the water were unbelievable. Multiple times we hit some incredible rapids that soaked almost all of us. Jordan guided and instructed us to paddle towards all the big rapids. With the air temperature hovering at around 60 degrees and the water temperature at 45 degrees, the water hitting you felt ice cold. We had some rain sprinkle on us occasionally but otherwise, it was just the perfect day on the river. In some of my previous rafting experiences on the Wenatchee, it was so hot, I jumped out of the raft to cool off in the smoother spots.

The only picture we got for the day! Kyle and I with our guide, Jordan.

My crowning achievement was sitting on the front of the raft with my feet dangling, riding the raft like I was bull riding as we hit some killer waves. I went well past 9 seconds and never fell in!

I highly recommend your summer plans to include a weekend with Wildwater River Guides. It was an unforgettable experience for Kyle and I.  You can plan your own river outing and read more about their various rafting trip options here.

(Photo Credit: Wildwater)

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