Space Center Houston’s Moon 2 Mars Festival 2024 was one for the record books!

From March 13-16, 2024, all tickets to Space Center Houston were considered Moon 2 Mars Festival tickets!! Each ticket granted generalĀ  admission access for the day and included the whole festival experience – including the live musical performance and DJ sets throughout the day!

My friend Anne and I attended on the final day, March 16, as we were geared to see the band, The All-American Rejects perform and close out the festival.

The festival grounds included fun for the whole family, from a Kinetic Dance Floor to an Innovation Spark Battle Bots Competition to commercial space tech and so much more. Guests also had the chance to see NASA Astronauts, Rick Hieb, Anna Fisher (the first mom in space) and Brian Duffy speak in the Space Center Theater.

Adults could even walk around the festival grounds with a beer or delicious margarita in a souvenir cup in hand!

The Exhibits

It’s time to explore the universe!
Look ma! I’m floating in space! Or maybe the photo was cropped and flipped a few degrees (shhhh, the sign told me to!).
Anne did the smart thing – flipped her hair and jumped! And my cell phone actually caught it without being too blurry!
“Astronauts use the science glovebox on the International Space Station to study biology, combustion, fluids and more. Studying cells, proteins, and liquids without gravity has already resulted in more effective drugs, better products, and more efficient manufacturing processes on Earth.”
Catch a glimpse of what Earth looks like from above!
Anne contemplating the vastness of space inside the Orion capsule.
Take a peek inside Skylab 1-G Trainer. This exhibit is the actual Skylab training module, created out of the final stage of a Saturn V rocket. Did you know that Skylab broke apart as planned as it reentered Earth’s atmosphere on July 11, 1979 but small fragments survived the 3,000 degree Fahrenheit re-entry? The fragment can also be seen in this gallery!
I found this treasure in the gift shop, but couldn’t find it in adult size. šŸ™

Moon 2 Mars Festival Grounds

Margaritas at Independence Plaza under NASA 905 – the 747 that carried space shuttles 223 times and amassed 11,071 flight hours over 42 years!
Anne with the Shuttle replica, Independence. Inside, visitors can see the flight deck, where astronauts piloted the orbiter during missions. One floor down, visitors can experience the cramped living conditions on the mid-deck, and walk out to the payload bay to see an actual flown artifact from STS-49, a satellite rescue mission in which three people from the same spacecraft walked in space at the same time.
My friend Rochelle Pettaway, M.A., is a social media specialist for Space Center Houston. She is an amazing human being!
Sipping some Eureka Heights Space Train and Karbach Love Street before The All-American Rejects!
I did not have The All-American Rejects in concert at a NASA facility on my 2024 BINGO card!


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